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What should you look for in

an editor?


A very informative, professional, and affordable service! I would wholehearted recommend Kitewriting to anyone requiring editing and feedback. - M. Gibbens

This writer was very professional. She is definitely experienced and well versed with free hand writing as well as giving critique to us up coming writers. I will definitely continue using this service with what I have received today! - J. Hollen

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The first step to finding the

right editor for you is to consider

your editing requirements.

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What is Content Marketing?

The new marketing buzzword

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Hey all, thanks for the easy and efficient service in supporting the creative coalition that is my mind in coming up with something substantive, grammatically correct, and not a complete headache to read. Never thought I would be able to actually produce something that read in proper English!! Seriously though, great service by Kitewriting, will definitely use again! - W. North

Providing flexible services for businesses and writers

Writing sells. Whether you are marketing a product, a service, yourself or a novel, Kitewriting is designed to provide a wide array of services to drive the quality of your writing.

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New Writing Workshop to be set up in Wiltshire

Kitewriting is pleased to annouce that new writing workshops will soon be underway in Wiltshire. These workshops are for ambitious writers and poets who would appreciate professional feedback and would like to meet like-minded people in a friendly and casual environment. For more information and to register interest please contact us today.