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Starting a Blog to Boost Your Career

By Kitewriter, Aug 24 2015 06:47PM

Adam Randall is a professional writer who works for a large eCommerce company. He has kindly offered to share his knowledge through this blog post today.

I work as a Content Marketer for a website called Sellr, and part of my role involves writing at least five articles on their blog. It’s a full time job and I have a reasonable salary. I love writing and I feel extremely lucky to have a job which is entirely based around writing. But the good news is that you can do it too and I want to use this blog post to help you realise that your writing really is a worthwhile hobby which can lead to a career.

Back in 2011, a friend of mine suggested that I start a blog. It seemed like a fun idea, so I started to do so. At first, I was writing a new blog post every single day, but I soon realised that it was not really sustainable for me to produce so many pieces of writing. Eventually, I settled on three blog posts a week (with additional writing beyond that). I initially found it hard to keep coming up with ideas, but by this point, it’s second nature to do so. In 2012, I started a webcomic as well, which I also find easy to regularly update. Again, it was a case of being hard to at first, but eventually updating it became second nature.

A lot of people might think that such a hobby was a bit of a waste of time; in fact, even if you have your own blog, you still might think something like that. ‘Blogging is fun,’ I hear you say, ‘but ultimately there is nothing to gain from it’ but, if you do think that, then you’re quite wrong! I encourage any writer to start a blog, because it will be worthwhile no matter what area of writing you’re hoping to get into.

Firstly, what if you’re not too into non-fiction writing and would prefer to be a novel writer? Well, it’s a perspective I can understand; I used to feel the exact same way! Initially I was sceptical of blogging, but eventually I began to enjoy it. How does it help my ability to write prose? Well, you see, every time you do some writing, you get a little better. It doesn’t matter what kind of writing you do, but keeping to any kind of regular schedule like this will ensure that your writing voice stays strong, so if you didn’t write any fiction for a while, but did keep to your blog, you’d then be able to get into fiction writing again quite easily. That’s not to mention that doing this can help you to build an audience before you even have a book out.

But if you want to get into journalism, then you should absolutely start a blog. The fact that you’ll be regularly churning out pieces of non-fiction will mean that you’ll really help to build up your journalistic style. If you have been able to regularly stick to a blog for any extended period of time (especially if you built an audience) it will look very good to employers in the world of writing and would make a fine addition to any CV. Thanks to my blog, I’ve done a lot of paid writing work for SmartDatingUK and I also wouldn’t have my current job without it. There are several other things I’ve done too, including having some fiction published. Though most of my experience is technically content marketing, rather than of journalism, I feel like I am in the right place in my career for my current age and am heading in the right direction for explicitly journalistic work. For now, I’m happy with what I do.

You, too, could get into the world of writing. I think starting a blog is a very good first step towards a career as a professional writer, and if you’ve ever thought about doing so, now is as good a time as to get one started! I think that Kitewriting offers a tremendous service; the combination of advice, editing and proofreading could be perfect for those of you who are taking your first steps as a professional writer… Or for those of you who are already professional writers, but need some help to save you some time. Either way, as someone who is a part of the world of writing, I can honestly say that this is a great service.

By Adam Randall

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