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What is Content Marketing?

By Kitewriter, Feb 29 2016 03:24PM

Content Marketing is a new industry buzzword used to describe the method of generating widely accessible content to specific target audiences who in turn become a profitable source. Content Marketing has quickly become a popular method of marketing for many businesses with the creation of blogs, active participation in social media and the development of articles to be published in mulitple outlets. You could say that this blog post is a marketing device by Kitewriting and it would be true. However by offering genuinally helpful advice, we can further support our clients and produce relevant content. Good Content Marketing should prioritise the businesses' concern over their brand, it's purpose, and be relevant to their client or consumer base.

Many marketers use similar tactics to Kitewriting. These include supermarkets that offer recipes, university tutors writing articles for media outlets and bloggers who share tips and tricks on how to use items that they sell. This tactic should not be overly pushy and should deliver truly helpful advice. However, there are other kinds of Content Marketing that uses a different approach which is equally as valid.

Consider how content marketing represents your brand
Consider how content marketing represents your brand

Some businesses prefer to prioritise their content towards search engines such as Google. Through the use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you'll find their content easily on the first page. There are many rules towards using SEO effectively. The use of outbound links, the length of the article, the use of images, the use of meta tags... All contribute to SEO. Sometimes you will find that the quality of writing is not as good as other company blogs. That may be because they are trying to force certain key phrases into their article that the client may use to search on Google. There are occassions when high quality writing isn't neccessary but SEO is essential. Alternatively there are times where clients can become wary of websites that use strange grammar and too much repetition in their content. Clever Content Marketing is having the brand awareness and capability to recognise the purpose of the buisinesses' Content Marketing, and therefore realise what the correct balance should be between high quality and useful content vs effective use of SEO.

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