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What should you look for in an editor?

By Kitewriter, Jan 27 2016 11:44PM

Let's be honest. Finding the right editor for you isn't always a task that's simple nor easy. There are hundreds of editing agencies and freelancers advertising their services online just like Kitewriting. What makes an editor suitable to the writer? We believe the first step to finding a great editor is to consider what qualities you would like the editor to have. Here's some food for thought.

Do you require professional feedback?

Make sure your editor is qualified. If you would like to recieve feedback from someone who can provide a high quality service and has a comprehensive understanding of grammar and other literary principles, then check that they have the appropriate qualifications. Your editor should have certificated evidence that they have been trained in Creative Writing, English Language, English Literature or Publishing. They should also be willing to show samples of their previous work at your request.

Often it is best to contact editors directly through their website or through their social media accounts. It is not always the case, but some large company websites that encourage writers to sign up and 'hire freelancers' provide low qualitiy services that will lead to disappointment and valuable time wasted. This is because many editors have not been checked by the company itself and are simply not qualified.

What kind of feedback and editing service do you wish to recieve?

When contacting an editor you should also be very specific about the kind feedback you wish to recieve. Would you like someone to edit your work for you? Or would you rather have support from an editor and general feedback in regards to your plot? Do you need someone to look out for clichés or repetition? Not all editors enjoy being flexible. Some prefer to specialise in certain aspects or genres of editing.


> Who is the main audience my writing is directed towards? Does this editor have experience with this?

> What genre is my work? Would I prefer an editor who specialises in the field?

> Do I wish to recieve feedback through a word processor document, through an e-mail, through Skype, or face to face?

> What feedback would be most benefitial to me?

> How often do I wish to recieve feedback?

What is my budget for an editor?

Sieving through the endless editor rates can be a nightmare. While some editors charge their service by the hour others charge for the number of words or pages they recieve from you. What makes it more complicated is that every editor can offer a slightly different service, too. It will also depend on whether you would like an essay, novel or poem edited.

Currently the best guide available online would be through writers digest. They offer pricing guides to freelance editors. By looking through the guide you will notice that different types of editing will vary in price.

On average writers charge $64 or £45 per hour for business advertising.

On average editors charge $31 or £15 per hour for proofreading.

If you would like to compare these prices with our professional service, please feel free to browse.

Look local first

There are multiple benefits for prioritising a local editor. The first benefit is that you can be certain that their grammar and editing will fit the local dialect. For example British spelling and grammar can be slightly different to American spelling and grammar. You may also have the opportunity to meet them face to face which can be especially helpful for longer projects.

Check that your editor is flexible

If you are looking for an editor to help develop your literary vision such as a project or anthology of poems, check to see if they can offer a personalised service for you. Can they contact you in your preferred method of communication? Are they aware of the feedback you require? Do they respond quickly to all enquiries? Are they able to offer alternatives to services and are they willing to go the extra mile for you? Trust and confidence in your editor should be crucial factors in your decision making.

We hope this blog post has been helpful to you. Please feel free to leave your opinions on our article as a comment. Do you agree? Do you have any additional tips you would like to share? If you would like to know more about our editing and feedback services please click here, or contact us directly at:

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