Kitewriting has had the pleasure of working with a great variety of clientele. Here are just a few examples of our past work.

If you would like to read further examples of work, send us an e-mail and we will be happy to assist.


Social Media Management

We are proud to have worked with Smart Dating UK, managing their social media accounts from February 2015 - December 2015. Through our time working with Smart Dating UK we gained a strong following and were able to secure interviews with upcoming experts in the field including Youtube Star itsbinkybee, whose video about her dating horrors went viral.


We also studied the competitors and reached out to popular bloggers in the dating scene who shared our content.

Novel Editing

At Kitewriting we understand that each author is unique and therefore will find different kinds of editing to be most suitable to them. For each of our clients we have adapted our service to be sure that we can deliver the most useful service possible.


We are pleased to say that one of our clients has gone on to self-publish his steampunk novel 'Clockwork Hearts (Rum Ol' Detectives Book 1)' and has more on the way.


Personal and CV Editing

"A very informative, professional, and affordable service! I would wholehearted recommend Kitewriting to anyone requiring editing and feedback." - M.Gibbens on our Facebook page.

We can also edit personal writing such as cover letters and CVs, a majority of which has led our client to success. In the near future we will add practice examples to our website, but if you can't wait that long just send us an email and we'll show you what we can do.


(Please note that all writing that is sent to us is confidential data and treated as such. We will never share our client's information without written permission)