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Does your business or organisation use adverts and copy to attract valuable clients? Use a professional copywriter to drive your marketing campaign to success. Whether you require eye-catching product descriptions, easy to read copy for leaflets or exciting adverts for websites, Kitewriting can provide you a high quality service. Unlike other businesses, it's easy to order advert writing or editing from us. Just send us an email with your order and we'll get back to you with our quote. You can find our price estimates below.


Advert Writing

We charge 20p per word for advert writing. We are happy to write adverts from 10 words to 2000 words and beyond. Ordering advert writing from professional writers will be cost effective, as you will be able to use the advert time and time again for your website, leaflets, newsletters and much more.


Advert Editing

Are you a new business with a tight budget? Or perhaps you already have an advert written that needs a bit more sparkle? We charge 10p per word for advert editing, and would be more than happy to edit your adverts. We'll comb for any grammatical or spelling errors, while rephrasing weaker sentences to pack an extra punch.

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